3D Printing Services (Coming Soon)

We are delighted to present you a simple solution for you to visualise your 3D design.
With our flexable printing option, you can select the finishing of the print, from hobby grade to professional level

For End Users & Hobbyists:
We know there are hundreds of factors that could affect the quality of the print, from software issues to quality of filaments.
For those who have no experience in 3D printing, we will examine your CAD file and suggest you with the suitable setting and machine to do the job.

Selection of printers:
If you are familiar with 3D printing, you can come to our office and spend some time on these printers,
just to feel the joy of "making something".

For commercial use:
We understand that quality and functionality of the print are your concern.
Since each print is unique, we do need more information before we can suggest any possible solution.
Please e-mail us for further information.